dbx 118 UPGRADE - Mains Power Customization WOW!

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dbx 118 UPGRADE  - Mains Power Customization  WOW!


   Professional upgrade services for your

dbx 118

Your dbx compressor/expander can be enhanced in several ways to improve its performance
without loosing any of its wonderful vintage character
Your TurboCharged dbx will out-perform units costing much much more
Read on ...

DISCOUNTS for multiple upgrades

I am offering several upgrade options through ebay
Each upgrade appears in a separate ebay listing

Combining two or three brings you significant discounts.
Details and links below

This specific listing is for ...


 UPGRADE OPTION  C         Mains Power customization mod

An internal power supply matched to your areas mains power configuration!
Dispense with inconvenient & noise generating external transformers / converters.

A totally mains matched internal power supply that can even be made switchable.

Your dbx will be fitted with the necessary internal components and reconfiguration
however we do not change the physical plug, given that you as the user have the
best and cheapest access to the necessary plug type for your
areas/country's electrical system.

Your upgraded dbx will be on its way back to you in less than one week

OTHER upgrade options for your dbx

Visit my other listings for these alternative or additional upgrades

UPGRADE OPTION   A         The "Burr Brown” & “De-coupling" mod

Following sound design principles a number of components in your dbx receive carefully selected superior replacements
boosting performance with an up to 20db improvement in dynamic range / signal to noise ration (S/N).

This upgrade also includes modifications that improve the quality & delivery of power when and where its needed by circuits, reducing distortion & improving transient response.
Your dbx will now output signal thats more accurate, clean and dynamic retaining its warmth and sophistication. It will be the ideal ally in our hardened crystal edged digital world.

ebay item    270452632201
URL              http://cgi.ebay.com/dbx-118-UPGRADE-Burr-Brown-Decoupling-WOW_W0QQitemZ270452632201QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item3ef83baa89&_trksid=p4999.c0.m14


UPGRADE OPTION   C         Balanced I/O connections mod

For those who operate or are implementing a professional level low-noise balanced signal configuration.
Your dbx can have balanced 1/4" TRS inputs & outputs Impedance matched to the 600 ohm pro standard.

Discard those
cumbersome and potential noise inducing external transformers, DI boxes et al

URL    http://cgi.ebay.com/dbx-118-UPGRADE-Balanced-I-O-Inputs-Outputs-WOW_W0QQitemZ280395984503QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item4148e72e77&_trksid=p4999.c0.m14
ebay item 280395984503

Upgrade my
dbx NOW!


Single  UPGRADE            $139.00

Simply activate Buy it Now
and you will receive instructions for forwarding your dbx for upgrade
through the ebay messaging system
(amount covers US only Priority Mail® Regular/Medium Flat-Rate Box return shipping cost to you. You choose and pay for shipping to me)

Multiple  UPGRADES        $POA    Discounts apply

Why have you listed this ...

I just do stuff, like ... as a Founder of GLI, we released the very first DJ mixer, made In The USA, with a cross-fader, the thing thats now standard.  That was way back in the 1970s and I've done other things since - I still have my flares! I've worked in various fields of electronics since my 1970s  disco system days. I grew up on and still love analog technology. The fact is its behind everything, even digital.

Seriously now. The dbx 118 has a significant user base, understandably because it delivers professional results with ease.
The simplicity of “one knob” control and the much sort after sound character associated with vintage compressors. These are things many of us have learned to appreciate in our "feature rich" digital dominated world. My interest in the dbxs started when I modified a dbx 128 for a friend. One leads to another and now I've done them for people all around the world. These users are very happy with them. Its logical to extend what I do to those who already own a dbx 118 and want these improvements.

It seems worth mentioning something else, think about this. Most products don’t get designed and manufactured to deliver the absolute best possible performance they could from the available technology. People have to be able to afford products so manufacturers work to balance performance against costs. That's seems fair. Product get released and design, materials & manufacturing methods continue to advance. New products are new decisions and another price performance level is struck. Performance can be offered at a price point not even conceivable when the product was released. Its natural then that many good older units can be modified to take advantage of this progress and become fantastic units that deliver incredible bang for buck.  Those in the “know” understand that “new” doesn’t automatically mean “better” and that analogue and digital are better together than apart.

Now who is or what was "Burr Brown"?

There are still many functioning electronics products with original Burr Brown Corporation components humming away in them even though the Burr Brown Corporation doesn’t exist anymore: they were acquired by Texas Instruments some time back and you can read about that on Wikipedia.

Across the companies life Mr Burr & Mr Brown produced a broad line of proprietary, standard & high-performance analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs) used in singnal processing electronics. Some very good components indeed but competition and progress don't & didn't stop. Today there are components that easily match or exceed the performance being attained back then. In this sense “Burr Brown” mod exists as a generalized name and hence the "Burr Brown Mod", which was conceived back then and used some Burr Brown Corporation components: some of the best available back then. The mod itself follows some well established "non-mysterious" electronics design principals to improve certain types of circuits.What's really important is that the modification process is about good electronics that yield better performance.

Many users of my "modded" dbxs cite lower background noise with improved signal clarity & detail and no loss of classic richness and warmth. Some cite a tightening of low frequency content.

All my upgrades involve the application of established audio engineering design principles. Options A, the replacement of components with superior performance characteristics and some reconfiguration of circuit paths. Option C the fitting of appropriate transformers and supporting hardware changes: your dbx will weigh more ... sorry.

This listing is for an dbx upgrades. It is not a listing for schematics, component lists or other material.
If you seek to explore other upgrade possibilities then please contact me with an overview of your specific aims and application.

You ship it too me and I ship it back – upgraded of course
I ship dbx 118s in USPS Medium Flat Rate BoxesInsurance will be included in shipping
I ship these units plastic wrapped and then surrounded with bubble-wrap and/or foam peanuts in remaining space. The shape of the USPS box provides for important extra protection around the front & rear panels whilst keeping the shipping cost low. I have yet to experience a problem shipping them this way and it keeps the shipping cost to a minimum.
I am of course happy to pack and ship to your specifications however you have to cover any additional cost.
All units are checked and rechecked before packing and shipping.

Bid with Confidence!
Read my feedback from satisfied dbx 118 buyers and users in the USA & abroad
I've been reliably supplying upgraded equipment for some time.
Offering this on ebay for owners of non-enhanced gear is pretty new. Hears your chance.
Units are tested before and after modification to ensure appropriate performance and will be shipped immediately following.
I take responsibility for my errors but not those of others. If an elephant falls out of the sky on your letter box before you have collected the unit then, I am terribly sorry. I’m a reasonable person. My feedback is evidence.
The following are ACTUAL comments from my feedback. Go and look for yourself...

Excellent!! Great communication and excellent product!!! Recommended!!!
NICE SOUND!!!! Thanks a lot , juss wut i waz needing FAST ARRIVED TOO a bientot FAST DELIVERY.
Sweet little unit, does what it's supposed to!! Nice fast shipping. A+++
Excellent in all aspects, thanks! fast and friendly
Excellent description, excellent communication, and exclusive shipping! Awesome!
Great ebayer fast shipping good item thanks +++
Item exactly as promised- great transaction - highly recommend this ebayer
Hope to deal with you again. Thank you.
Excellent description, excellent communication, and exclusive shipping! Awesome!
Recieved what i was bidding on. Packed very nice and shipped quickly A+++++


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