Hauck Darkroom Timer

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Hauck Darkroom Timer

This beautiful Hauck Polychron Electric Darkroom Timer makes working in the darkroom easier. The clock can be sat on a flat surface or can be mounted on the wall by way of the hook on the rear of the clock. The numbers on time segments are very large and visible in a lit darkroom or in a completely dark one as the dials and numbers are luminous. On the right hand side of the clock is a switch so you can change the direction of the hands. You can set a time and have the hands travel anti clockwise to count down to the time you have set.  Conversely you can have the hands travel in a clockwise direction. The face is divided into minute segments and a number at every 5 minute increments. In the centre of the face a large knob is used to set the appropriate time.  On the top section of the clock are 4 controls.   (a) to start the clock and  (b) one to stop the clock.  (c) an audible switch to put the alarm off or on  (d) an on/off switch to switch for the darkroom light.    On the lower left hand side is plug apperture in which to place the safelight plug.

Hauck a West German comapany were a major force in darkroom equipment and noted for their engineering and reliability of products. The power supply is our standard 220 - 240 volts and a standard 13 amp plug is fiited.

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